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The hydrogen generator GIP ™ 3 is an easily to handle and can be used everywhere in the world.

The method of preparation is based on the attack under high pressure and temperature of the silicon by the caustic soda in aqueous solution.

Load production is 3 m3 hydrogen (measured dry at 15 ° C and 760 mm Hg).

It doesn’t require any specific water quality. It can operate with standard water, including sea water.

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The GIP ™ 3 generator operating under caustic soda and silicon reaction delivers 3 m3 of hydrogen pressurised at 120…150 bars and permit the inflation of the whole pilots and radio sounding balloons.
The GIP ™ 3 is mounted on a trolley equipped with two unpuncturables wheels allowing a very easily handling and can be used on all ground types..

This apparatus used by all meteorological institutes all over the world is able to produce hydrogen in all latitudes. It has been very effective during Arctic and Antarctic missions. Contrary to others similar systems, the GIP ™ 3 generator is the sole system able to produce hydrogen gas without any residue in solid form while draining. Easy to handle, this generator does not require any maintenance other than its cleaning after each hydrogen production operation.

The GIP™ reactive cartridges are packaged in hermetic boxes with an exact dose avoiding any mistake during the generator charging phase. They don't produce any residue in solid form even if the hydrogen produced is not used immediately. In the middle of the 1950 years, due to the increasing of sounding numbers, GIP™ 3 by-products was developed as GIP™9 and GIP™12. These generators was able to produce between 6 and 12 m3 of hydrogen gas depending of the number of GIP™ reactive cartridges introduced.

Today, more than 5000 GIP ™ 3 chemical hydrogen generators are sold all over the world.


H2 prod.
Elec cons.
Aqua cons.
Nm3/h % Bar kVA kW/Nm3 L/h
GIP-3 3 99.8 150 0 0 13

Overall dimension

Model Length Width Height Weight Plan
m m m kg
GIP-3 0.895 0.705 1.575 113 plan


Min. humidity % 0
Max. humidity % 100
Min. altitude m 0
Max. altitude m 1000
Min. temperature °C 0
Max. temperature °C 50
Climatic conditions Tropical Condition and saline atmosphere
Operating conditions Indoor


  • 1 45-liter cylinder
  • 1 trolley
  • 1 closing assembly
  • 1 hydrogen draw-off cock
  • 1 wood box (dimensions: 0.36 x 0.36 x 0.35 m) including:
    • 1 bent funnel
    • 1 straight funnel
    • 1 bucket
    • 1 scoop
    • 1 poker
    • 1 spanner (12")
    • 1 earth device including :
      • 1 earth rod
      • 1 set of earth connecting cables including:
        • 1 cable G/Y 4 mm² length 20.00 m
        • 1 cable G/Y 4 mm² length 10.00 m
        • 1 cable G/Y 4 mm² length 1.10 m
    • 1 pair of goggles
    • 1 pair of gloves
    • 1 brass brush
    • 1 technical booklet