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The hydrogen generator MP8 is specifically designed use for the inflation of the balloons in the upper air stations in meteorology.

Simple and reliable, it can operate whatever the climatic and environmental conditions.

It is able to supports high fluctuations as well as sudden interruptions of the power supply.
In case of prolonged mains failure, the generator will stay in stand-by and then will restart automatically without any assistance.

The electrolysis cell design allows generation of hydrogen at a pressure of 8 bars without compression device.

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Designed in 1984 and commercialised since 1984, this advanced technology hydrogen generator produces hydrogen gas directly under pressure permitting to store the gas in a hydrogen vessel at 8 bars without any compression device.

Thanks to its design, this generator does not require practically any maintenance because of its fully static operation. In 1994 the improvements performed to the power and control system have permitted to replace all electromechanical components by a system fully electronic in order to insure the full automatic starting and stopping sequences; the cooling mode being kept through natural air..

Completely autonomous and 100% automatic, this equipment with a recognized reliability is perfectly studied to the enclosed sites particularities taking account their geographic locations, the difficulty linked to the electrical power supply and the communications means.

Today, no similar system all over the world is able to produce hydrogen gas directly under pressure through monopolar system type.


H2 prod.
Elec cons.
Aqua cons.
Nm3/h % Bar kVA kW/Nm3 L/h
MP8 0.5 99.9 8 5.6 5 1

Overall dimension

Model Length Width Height Weight Plan
m m m kg
MP8 1 1.85 1.945 1100 plan


Min. humidity % 0
Max. humidity % 100
Min. altitude m 0
Max. altitude m 1000
Min. temperature °C 0
Max. temperature °C 50
Climatic conditions Tropical Condition and saline atmosphere
Operating conditions Indoor


Tank R300 R1000 R2000
Water capacity L 300 1000 2000
Storage volume of hydrogen gas Nm3 2.1 7 14
Test pressure Bar 10.5 10.5 10.5
Operating pressure Bar 7 7 7
Diameter m 0.8 0.85 1
Height m 2.8 2.15 2.77
Weight g 110 235 413
Fluid Hydrogen gas Hydrogen gas Hydrogen gas
Compliance DESP 97/23/CE DESP 97/23/CE DESP 97/23/CE