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Nairobi – Kenya

MP8 in Nairobi, in Kenya, in 2006.
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The services of the KMD (Kenyan Meteorological Department) based in Nairobi had the advisability of acquiring the first hydrogen generator entirely automatic of type MP8 (Average Pressure 8 bars) in favour of program GCOS (Global Climate Observing System).

This unit, entirely financed by the OMM (World Organization of Meteorology) under projects VCP (Voluntary Cooperation Projects) was installed within the framework of the rehabilitation of the station of radio operator survey of Nairobi. Our specialists SAGIM went to the site at the beginning of October 2005 in order to ensure the installation, the commissioning as well as the training of the engineers and technicians responsible for the use and the maintenance of the unit.

This new entirely automatic equipment, offers the advantage of producing 0,5 Nm3 of hydrogen per hour directly under a pressure of 8 bars without any device of compression. The production of hydrogen is managed automatically during the inflation of the balloon of radio sounding and the demineralized water adjunction into the electrolysis cells is assured automatically.

Moreover, its system is made to start again automatically in case of a power supply break, even prolonged! Lastly, hydrogen produced is analyzed permanently and a sound and luminous warning system blocks the production in the event of defect.