World leader of hydrogen production in meteorology


Hydrogen gas is used in more than 80% of worldwide meteorological institutes for weather balloon inflation in Upper-air stations. The process used for the hydrogen production is based on the electrolysis of water.

The two main technologies used in this process are:

  • “alkaline” technology (liquid electrolyte in an aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide and deionized water)
  • “PEM” Technology (Proton Exchange Membrane) solid electrolyte polymer membrane PEM.

SAGIM has these two technologies in its production range.

Due to its robustness and simplicity, we favored “alkaline” technology for use in meteorology and adapt our equipment in order to operate safely, whatever the conditions.

However, it is true that today the concept of environment is definitively considered. SAGIM remains perfectly aware that “alkaline” technology requires potassium hydroxide (KOH) for the manufacture of its electrolyte, which is a highly corrosive agent causing severe burns in case of direct contact with this substance.

That is the reason why we have developed a new range of electrolytic hydrogen generator using NON CORROSIVE electrolytic solution under neutral pH. This new generator called “BPMP-EC” has the major advantage of not contain potassium hydroxide (KOH) which eliminates any risk of corrosively and burn if splashed. Its pH is less than 9.

For further information please download technical specifications.